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On the road again!

It's that time of year! National Parks are packed, campsites are buzzing, and the VLT expo van is on the move! Last year we kicked off the Vanlife Trader For Sale Lot in partnership with Adventure Van Expo. AVE is a nationwide adventure van camping event where you can come learn about vanlife from the experts, chat with professional builders, and shop shop shop! For our portion of the event, we have 5-10 vans for sale by private owners as well as the VLT booth. We've got a few expos coming up...

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Want to try before you buy or have a new adventure with a rolling home? Whatever your motive, renting a campervan is a real good time. We know there are a ton of rental options out there so here are a few of our recommended rental services to make the decision fatigue a little less exhausting. Pull out that phone and get ready to book a trip! GoCamp Why we love GoCamp: Curated vans + great customer support Rental location: Multiple states across the country GoCamp is a curated peer-to-peer...

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Understanding the "Market" The pandemic was a fluke. It was a wild ride for humans, the world, and the van market. We are no longer living in a utopia of van sales. The market has relaxed, and while more and more people are interested in weekend van camping and full time vanlife than ever before, this is not a profit-frenzy market for used rigs. But vans are selling. Expensive vans are selling. Sprinters and Econolines and Skoolies are all selling. Amount of sales and the price they’re...

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