Want to try before you buy?

Want to try before you buy or have a new adventure with a rolling home? Whatever your motive, renting a campervan is a real good time. We know there are a ton of rental options out there so here are a few of our recommended rental services to make the decision fatigue a little less exhausting. Pull out that phone and get ready to book a trip!


Why we love GoCamp: Curated vans + great customer support

Rental location: Multiple states across the country

GoCamp is a curated peer-to-peer marketplace for van rentals. They go through every owner application to make sure the van will add something to their offerings as well as vetting the rig and owner. Most importantly, they offer five star customer service. Search by state or destination and get out there! Use the code VANLIFE5 to get 5% off your entire rental fee!


Why we love Outdoorsy: Rent anything, anywhere!

Rental Location: All 50 states

Outdoorsy is the biggest peer-to-peer marketplace for van rentals. Think AirBnb but for camper vans. Their selection spans vintage Airstreams, toy haulers, fifth wheelers, Class A, B, and C of RVs, as well as garden variety trailers and motorhomes. Their site allows you to look for campers in your area or wherever you’d like to go! It’s safe, easy, fully insured, and has a huge selection to choose from.

Native Campervans

Whey we love Native Campervans: Small business, big service

Rental Locations: Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Phoenix

Native Campervan’s fleet of vans allows you to get a taste of vanlife out west with everything you’ll need for your journey. They offer three different size vans (a high roof Promaster, a low top Promaster with roof top tent, and a Promaster City) for all fully stocked for your mini vanlife experience, and they make pick-up and drop-off super easy at each of their three locations.

Rent from a Professional Builder

Trying before you buy is a great way to get a feel for whether a professional builder might be the right fit for you. Below are some upfitters who also offer rentals!

Vanlife Trader

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