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Understanding the "Market" The pandemic was a fluke. It was a wild ride for humans, the world, and the van market. We are no longer living in a utopia of van sales. The market has relaxed, and while more and more people are interested in weekend van camping and full time vanlife than ever before, this is not a profit-frenzy market for used rigs. But vans are selling. Expensive vans are selling. Sprinters and Econolines and Skoolies are all selling. Amount of sales and the price they’re...

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Buying vs. Building There are so many ways to get into vanlife; from building out a used rig all on your own to getting on the waitlist for the best builder in the country. So for this month’s newsletter, we wanted to break it down. Building From Scratch There are a wide range of budgets for a DIY build. You can go simple with a few thousand bucks; Goal Zero batteries and panels, hand pump for water, simple paneling and bed frame. But you can also go all in with mods inside and out and spend...

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